Meet The Family

Pete Ottens


Before Pete started The Suck Truck in 2009, he worked on a ranch, his love for horses and cattle still runs strong. Pete often volunteers his free time to help out on ranches around the area. 



Pete and his wife Kathy believe not only in giving you the best service but also creating friendship with their customers. The Suck Truck has a 24 hour emergency call line because they understand that 'crap' happens!

Kathy Ottens


You'll find Kathy either in the Office commanding the accounts, or in her shop grooming dogs. Kathy's passion is volunteering her spare time with her therapy dachshund visiting people who need a little boost in their lives. 

Shayla Ottens


Shayla is Pete's youngest child and only daughter. She's enjoys dirt biking, camping, and hiking with her dog, Diego. Shayla is one of The Suck Trucks Drivers/Operators. 



It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family.

Hank Ufkes


Meet Hank, driver, technician and also Pete's brother-in-law. Hank has become well known in the company for his energetic personally and hard work. Outside of work you'll find Hank lives a very active lifestyle-- hiking a mountain, riding his bike, and spending time with his wife and adult kids.