Our Service

We don't just do Septic Tanks


We stay open minded to any waste water removal you may have. Just give us a call and we will find the most efficient way to remove it.

Our Services


-Septic/Holding Tanks 

-Field/Pump Repair and Replacement

-Carwash Sumps

-Shop Sumps

-Septic Tank Inspections and Reports


-Ditch Water Removal 

-High Level Alarm Installation 

-Porta Potty Rental

-Dust Control

-Potable Water

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We do it all so if you don't see a service listed that you want done, call us anyways, we can help you out!! 403-650-5451

The Suck Truck also also has Potable Water, don't worry we use a different truck!! ( that is EPH approved) Click Below for more info on The Water Trotter Potable Water.

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We do the dirty work


Don't worry we won't send you inside your septic tank. The Suck truck employees are trained and equipped to work with raw sewage and gases that lay inside your septic system. You'll always get professional cleaning, installation of pumps, float switches, and high level alarms with us, so you'll stay worry free. 

Party Pooper Rentals


The Suck Trucks Party Poopers are the BEST way to keep your party going; with built in hand washing sinks, coat hangers and mirrors, your guests will feel like royalty! Perfect for small events .... and yes they are purple. 

Don't worry about cleanliness, all our porta potties come with fresh paper towel, hand sanitizer, soap, fresh sink water, toilet paper and all appliances wiped/sanitized. 

Commercial Sumps


A big part of our business is cleaning out commercial sumps, storm drains and lift stations. We know how important it is to keep a professional clean look to your business so even though our job is dirty, we will keep a professional clean look while working around your company.